Ludmila Bragina

Theater director, producer

Lyudmila Bragina is a famous ballet producer.

Since 1991 she engaged in the organization and conduct of ballet performances at the Imperial Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg, as well as other well-known theaters in the city. She organizes tours of St.Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet" worldwide. For 28 years she organized more than 5,000 Russian ballets of the classical repertoire and more than 30 world tours. Guided tours of the Russian classical ballet took place in Chile, Turkey, Syria, Norway, USA, UAE, Mexico, Portugal, Estonia, the Canary Islands, Germany, Spain, China, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Russia, Luxembourg, Finland, Jordan, Qatar.

Rewarded with government awards for her contribution to the development of culture in Russia. She pays close attention to the development of interest in the art of ballet in the world, promoting cultural values. One of the priorities in her work are social programs – she provides free tickets to the ballet performances to people with disabilities, child care centers, social and leisure centers, sports and theater veterans. Thus, the art of ballet is made available to disadvantaged groups.