11 November-12 November 2019



Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Russian ballet"

under management of L. Bragina presents:

the Russian ballet stars Anna Voytina and Yevgeny Ivanchenko

in Swan Lake

November 11th and 12th, 2019, Oslo, Norway

By a good tradition, a remarkable event in cultural program of Oslo is the annual guest performance of world-famous Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Russian ballet".

This year the theater has a surprise for the Norwegian audience – on November 11 and 12 Oslo will meet the acclaimed Russian classical ballet stars: Anna Voytina and Yevgeny Ivanchenko. If theater-goers have already had an opportunity to appreciate exceptional skill, striking artistry and exquisite technique of Anna Voytina, a chance to see an outstanding modern ballet dancer Yevgeny Ivanchenko is offered for the first time.

A bright star of the world ballet, the principal dancer of the Mariinsky Theatre, the Honoured Artist of Russia – his achievement and regalia are countless. Audiences and press in the whole world admire him. For example, here is The Washington Post’s opinion on the dancer: Ivanchenko has all of ballet’s tricks in his arsenal, but his dancing goes beyond them. He has beautiful lines … his perfect landings are silent, as if the stage were covered in moss and his body were made of silk rather than muscle and bone.

Yevgeny Ivanchenko – the principal dancer of the Mariinsky Theatre, entering the stages of the most famous theaters of Russia and the world, a partner of leading female dancers of Mariinsky and Bolshoy. His schedule is filled for years in advance and all his performances are the enormous success. It is a great piece of luck and a dramatic event for ballet-lovers and high art seekers to see Ivanchenko in Swan lake as Prince Siegfried.

His stage partner is consummate and magnificent Anna Voytina, the prima of the Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Russian ballet", dancing Odette/Odile part. Voytina deserves entering the Guinness World Records for more than 1500 performances of classical ballet repertoire. Her guest performances in 40 world countries have permanent success and sellouts. She has been cheered on every continent and is loved and well-known in the whole world.

In Saint Peterburg Anna Voytina performs in the best theaters of the city where she has been applauded by more than a million of grateful viewers. Glorious physical abilities, unbelievable technique and musicality, body mobility and flexibility, gracefulness and lyricism, artistry and emotional intensity, exquisite,

polished and perfect movements, strong artistic personality – these qualities of the prima ballerina help to create well-balanced image in every role performed by her and deserve appreciation of the audience. In Swan Lake these qualities are manifested most vividly, the highest level of the Odetta-Odile performance amazes, admires and dazzles. In any corner of the world there are worshippers of Anna Voitina, they come to Saint Petersburg and other countries in her schedule to see her on the stage again and again.

Performance of both Anna Voitina and an outstanding Mariinsky principal dancer Yevgeny Ivanchenko is an extraordinary rare event of international standard. The only chance to see constellation of genius ballet stars is given to the Norway audience on November 11 and 12 in Oslo. It is the event that is impossible to miss!