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Cruiser "Aurora" - a symbol of the city on the Neva. On the cruiser related important events in Russian history. He was officially launched in 1900 at the command of Emperor Nicholas II, received its baptism of fire in the Battle of Tsushima during the Russian-Japanese war.

About Theatre

<p>St.Petersburg Hall  was built in the middle of the last century.</p>

The theatre is located in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg next to some of the most famous historical landmarks of the Venice of the North. The view from the windows of the theatre's lobby is absolutely stunning: the magnificent water artery of the city – the Neva River, and the historical centre of the Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, the Winter Palace, and the historical landmark of the famous cruiser Aurora will take your breath away.

The focal points of the Russian history are closely associated with the cruiser Aurora. The cruiser was launched in 1900 by the order of tsar Nicolas II and fought its first battle during the war between Russia and Japan.

October 25, 1917 became a very special date for the Aurora because it fired the shot that started the revolution and signaled the storming of the Winter Palace. The cruiser became a symbol of Saint-Petersburg. Aboard the ship is a museum which hosts over half a million guests every year. The cruiser and the skyline of the city could be best seen from the lobby of the theater and from the theater's restaurant.

The seats at the theatre have an amphitheater arrangement with back rows higher than the lower ones like in the oldest imperial theaters in order to give each guest a clear view of the stage. Soft comfortable armchairs make this the most comfortable venue to enjoy a ballet.

The lobby of the theatre is richly decorated with paintings while the exterior is decorated with the beautiful mosaics called "the Anthem to the city" designed by numerous famous artists.

St.Petersburg Hall is a centre for the cultural life of Saint-Petersburg as it hosts many important social events every year.

How to find the entrance to the hall: you can go through the main entrance of the Hotel "Saint Petersburg". 


  • St.Petersburg Hall

    Saint-Petersburg, Pirogovskaya nab., 5к2,

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St.Petersburg Hall






St.Petersburg Hall